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Ideal locations in Pembrokeshire for your luxury lodge.

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Lodges for sale in Stunning Welsh Locations
Lodges for sale in Stunning Welsh Locations


If you could wave a magic wand and choose anywhere on the planet to locate your luxury holiday lodge, Pembrokeshire would undoubtedly rank high on the list. In fact, after visiting the county for the first time it’s safe to say that most of us might place it at number one.


Because, all year round, this sumptuously beautiful corner of the western world really does have something to offer everyone, and it is, therefore, no surprise at all that so many have arrived for a holiday but stayed for a lifetime.

Do you relish the chance to recharge and rejuvenate? If so, you’re in exactly the right place. Tranquility is all around you in the dramatic skyscapes, the breath-taking coastline, or the idyllic countryside.

Why not get those walking boots on and experience a different rhythm, a slower pace of life, away from all the normal hustle and bustle. Tramp across the ancient trackway high in the Preseli Hills and see not another living soul apart from the wild horses and birds of prey. Or perhaps hike part of the 186 mile coast path, which teeters tantalizingly above plunging cliffs, breathing in, as you walk, the freshest air this side of the Alps, gazing down on unspoiled beaches where you can swim or paddle or potter around or be hypnotised by the sea birds hovering above and the ghost-like tanker ships moored on the horizon like a mirage.

Why not tootle round the county by car or bike taking in the sights, taking as long as you like, exploring the winsome villages and towns, maybe having afternoon tea here, or chatting to a complete stranger there, ’fat with time,’ like author Laurie Lee.

Our two particular luxury lodge locations in the county not only encapsulate everything that makes Pembrokeshire special, they also provide you with fabulous investment potential.

Our first location in the area, probably embodies that slower pace of life, because if you look up the dictionary definition of ‘quiet’ and ‘quaint’ you’ll probably find only two words: ‘Little’ and ‘Haven.’

Tucked away in a quiet nook of St Bride’s Bay in a designated conservation area right on the Pembrokeshire coast path, the old fishing village of Little Haven exudes a sleepy, higgledy-piggledy charm, seducing you with its gorgeous, unspoiled beach, its tumble of cottages and its bracing walks high up on the cliff tops.

You can wander round to Broad Haven beach at low tide meander the other way to The Sheep Wash, a smaller bay, so named as local farmers 50 years ago used to wash their sheep here before shearing. And after visiting the Boathouse Gallery you can stop off at the bistro, the café or one of the lovely pubs and sample the freshest locally sourced seafood.

On the other hand, if you feel the need to get the adrenaline pumping (and let’s face it: who doesn’t at some point or other) Pembrokeshire can offer every activity known to mankind (as well as some that are probably not). In the county that invented coasteering, you can scuba dive, abseil, kayak, cliff dive, power boat, zorb, trampoline, surf, wind surf, go kart or play golf to your heart’s content, and then get inspired by watching world class athletes in events like the Ironman, or the Red Bull World Cliff Diving Series at Abereiddy’s Blue Lagoon.

Tenby, our second luxury lodge location, embodies more of this aspect of life and play in Pembrokeshire. And surely only a man who is tired life would be tired of Tenby, Wales’ iconic holiday resort.

Behind its 13th century town walls among the maze of narrow cobbled streets and medieval town houses you’ll find an endless, dizzying, kaleidoscopic array of things to do, to see and to enjoy.

However, this wonderful harbour town, originally built by the Normans and made famous as a holiday destination during the Georgian and Victorian eras, really is a microcosm of everything Pembrokeshire has to offer: from every single part of the spectrum from the quiet and peaceful to the eyeballs-out exciting.

Even when it comes to beaches, ‘Dinbych y Pysgod’ (‘The Little Town of Fishes’), as it’s known in Welsh, is a little bit special. And this in a part of Wales that knows a thing or two about world-class beaches.

Just to outdo everyone else, Tenby has four of them. Yes four. All of its own. Four dreamy, award-winning beaches framing in glittery gold the castle and town walls above.

In fact, three of these beaches are so close together that, with the sea breeze in your hair and the sun on your face, a leisurely 20 minute saunter, sandals in one hand an ice cream in the other, will allow you to feel that sand between your toes as you walk from one to the next, already looking forward to the evening’s guided ghost walk around the town and glancing up at the daily boat trip to Caldey Island as it skips over the waves to the distant monastery.

But wherever you find yourself in Pembrokeshire the endless variety of things to do, to see and enjoy is completely accessible since everywhere is so easy to get to from everywhere else.

In the morning, for instance, you could step back in time either to visit the birthplace of Henry VII: Pembroke Castle, or the lonely Iron Age burial chamber of Pentre Ifan up in the Preselis, home to the famous bluestone used to build Stonehenge. Then, in the afternoon, you’d still have time to take the kids to one of the county’s superb theme parks like Heatherton or Oakwood, or the water park actually named after that famous bluestone.

You could earn brownie points with the younger kids by spending the morning at the fabulous Folly Farm then still be able to nip up to the other end of Pembrokeshire to wonder at the iconic cathedral of St David’s, the beating heart of Britain’s smallest city

Or you could be scoffing that salty lunchtime treat of fish and chips at the seaside yet, only a few hours later, be suited and booted for an evening of classy cuisine at a top restaurant in a completely different part of the county: fast food to fine dining. And that’s before you take your pick from a raft of cinemas, theaters, clubs and pubs.

Perhaps now you can see why we’re so confident that Pembrokeshire is the absolutely perfect location for your luxury holiday lodge from Preferred Lodges.

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